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A poor man said to me:   "I HAVE NOTHING!  

"But,"  "if I can take a burden off the shoulders of a man."  "even just for a little while.."



It's the biggest chance so far! To start and Open americantownchina.

Mar 12, 2017
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Hello, my name is John Gresham, Did you know. The US Trade Administration said? That the 30 million businesses in the United States, only 1% export their products out of the Country. Making the US the lowest exporter in the Industrialized World. Where 95% of the potential customers are. Can you imagine, if there could be an enjoyable way to export, like going on vacation to see the world around you, making a lifetime experience, also, the Trade Administration has a study, the average businessman brings home in 1 trip to China. $63,450.00. in Exports per year. I wonder why we are not running to enjoy vacation and building out own businesses? Maybe build an extra job or two? What's scary to me is. This may be the reason for our next recession. Not going Global, being competitive with the rest of the world.ort America Back

Jan 30, 2017
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