Hello, My name is John Gresham. This is an informal page to express and learn about exporting around the world. I believe that American Forefathers who were mainly Small Businessmen that sailed to find the land we live in today. Finding liberty to be prosperous for the work that we do. And, as Small Businessmen, it's time for us to continue the positive growth of this country. As time grew beyond the establishment of our nation. The citizens prospered from the work and dedication of the past. There were many challenges from our Nations growth that sometimes was not at all appropriate. Yet, we try to recognize those wrongs and admitted them to reconcile the mistakes and grow to become as equal to all as possible. We are a nation of all nationalities and prejudice can not come and weaken us. I want to enjoy the differences in people as long as the differences are not to destroy our Constitutional way of living as it was written Then and as it is written Today. So. I believe we need to Travel to continue our liberty as we have in the past. Similar as our Forefathers did. The Difference is to visit their country,  enjoy their culture and differences, While were there follow their laws as we would want them to when they come to America to visit. Showing our Western Made Products, Services, Art, Music and Entertainment. Finding what problems they have, How  we can help them by selling American Made for Export to their countries.

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